Custom 20 ft Gentleman’s racer
New 350 Mercruiser engine
NEW BUILD by professional boat builder
– constructed from exotic woods.
– custom cast deck fittings
– and it performs really well.
Excellent value at $130,000.

Specifications from builder:
20’s Gentleman’s Racer
Special Features
Double reverse chine, full length of boat Lifting strakes on V bottom Large
Stainless steel, baffled, gas tank Stainless Steel Riva style rudder
Several pieces of custom made hardware
Convenience lights in main, mil, and engine room 12’ Volt plug outlet under dash for cell phone charger, spotlight, etc. Aah-Oogah horn
3”, Thick wall copper exhaust pipes Platform in front of mil bulkhead for storage
2 Storage compartments in side of mil/cockpit Turnkey fuel injection
Grates under seats and in engine room for extra ventilation
John Hacker design bottom

Specifications & Materials
Frames, floor timbers and gussets: Black locust
Deck Beams: White Oak
Chines: Honduras mahogany over white oak
Top side battens: White Oak
Stem and forefoot: Black locust
Keel: Honduras mahogany
Transom frame: Black locust and Honduras mahogany
Stringers: Douglas fir
Top sides: Quarter saw sapele
Deck strips: Quarter saw sapele
Covering boards, king plank and cockpit surround:
African mahogany
Bottom: Longitudinal outer Honduras mahogany over inner diagonal white cedar bedded 3M5200
Fasteners: Stainless steel
Deck hardware and cutwater: Custom cast bronze chrome plated
Engine: 350 c.i. (5.7 litre) 330HP Mercruiser Black
Upholstery: Tuck and roll leather
Finish: 2 stain, 10 coats of spar varnish, 2 coast Epifanes